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Unite General Secretary and Executive Council elections 2017
Branch members should note that the campaign statements for members seeking nomination as candidates in the election of the General Secretary and Executive Council 2017 can be found here.
Please note that branches may still also nominate any other eligible member who has not yet told the union that they are seeking nomination - this will be considered at the February meeting of the Branch. We can nominate in the following  constituencies: general secretary, National BAEM, National Disabled, National LGBT, National Womens, National Youth, Region Scotland, and Sector Health.
If you would like the campaign statements to be posted to you please contact stating your name, branch and postal address including postcode.
(posted 10/01/2017)

January Branch meeting
Branch members are reminded that the January  12th meeting of the Branch and subsequent  Branch meetings in 2017wil take place at 6.30 p.m. in the IET Glasgow Teacher Building, 14 St Enoch Square, Glasgow G1 4DB
(posted 10/01/2017)

Rest breaks and the law
The Working Time Regulations (WTR) state that workers are entitled to a rest break if their daily working time is more than six hours. Regulation 30 of the Working Time Regulations 1998 provides that a worker may present a claim to an employment tribunal where the employer has refused to permit the worker to exercise any right to a rest break..
A recent Employment Appeal Tribunal decision made clear that employers are under a duty to afford workers their entitlement to take a rest break. Where working arrangements are put into place which do not allow workers to do so, that amounts to a refusal by the employer. Conversely, if the employer takes active steps to ensure working arrangements that enable workers to take their rest breaks, they will have met their obligation under the WTR as workers cannot be forced to take the rest breaks, they can only be “enabled” to take them.
The case is a welcome clarification of the right of workers to take rest breaks. In particular, while workers cannot be forced to take their rest breaks, employers must ensure that working arrangements allow them to do so. Where workers are under pressure not to take rest breaks because of working arrangements they will not be prevented from bringing a claim just because they have not requested one.
Information courtesy of Thompsons Solicitors
(posted 10/01/2017)


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